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Tramway Film Festival


Germany | 2021 | Experimental | 30’ | Polish premiere

A wooden stereo viewer, which already impressed people with “3D” in the pioneering days of light drawing, inspired the German artist Telemach Wiesinger to create the half-hour film poem 1:1. The wide-screen image, composed on 16 mm black-and-white film, consists of two individual images each, between which – amazingly different from a stereoscope – a third dimension unfolds. In dialogue with the soundtrack designed by Alexander Grebtschenko, 1:1 becomes a unique audiovisual experience.

Director: Telemach Wiesinger
Script: Telemach Wiesinger
Cinematography: Telemach Wiesinger
Editing: Telemach Wiesinger
Music: Alexander Grebtschenko
Kinetic sculptures: Alexander Grebtschenko
Cast: Thorsten Fleisch, Clémence Rey, Georgios Kokolatos, Michael Wiesinger
Producer: Telemach Wiesinger
Production: Telemach Wiesinger

Main festivals:

  • German Film Critics Association Awards (Nominee: Best Experimental Film)
  • Cinemistica Film Festival (The Magnifier and The Magnet in Cinemistica competition – ex aequo)
  • Cannes Art Film Festival
  • Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova
  • Experimental Superstars (Special Mention)