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Tramway Film Festival


Netherlands | 2021 | Documentary | 33’ | Polish premiere

All Eyez on Me! is a filmic assemblage on representation. Over 15 years, the filmmaker visits the Loita Maasai in Kenya, becoming close friends with the brothers Lenaai and Matinkoi. Lenaai, aware of how the outside world looks at the Maasai, expresses that: “The thinking about the Maasai sometimes becomes really dangerous.” Exploring this idea through an assemblage of three short self-reflexive films, All Eyez on Me! addresses representation, authenticity, and the dilemma of visibility.

Director: Robert Weijs
Cinematography: Robert Weijs
Editing: Robert Weijs
Sound: Robert Weijs
Producer: Robert Weijs
Production: Kabisa Media

Main festivals:

  • Cinemistica Film Festival (The Magnifier and The Magnet in Antropologica competition – ex aequo)
  • Mimesis Documentary Festival
  • Boom Festival
  • NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival
  • Rai Film Festival