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Tramway Film Festival


Spain | 2022 | Documentary | 29’ | Polish premiere

After leading a student life in Ponferrada (Spain), the 24-year-old Edilberto Rodríguez decides to return to the mountains and dedicate himself to herding a herd of goats. With the memory of his grandparents very present, “the last of Arganeo” tells the story of Edilberto, a young shepherd proud of the heritage of his ancestors, and who vindicates the traditions of some uninhabited places and the memories of a way of life to the brink of extinction.

Director: David Vázquez
Script: David Vázquez, Lorena Gallardo
Cinematography: Humbero Novoa, David Vázquez
Editing: David Vázquez
Sound: Humberto Novoa
Producer: David Vázquez
Production: Pinancho Audiovisuais

Main festivals:

  • Aguilar Film Festival
  • Play-Doc International Documentary Festival
  • MICE Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico (Best Galician Film)
  • Espiello Festival Internacional de Documental Etnográfico de Sobrarbe (Pyrenees Award)
  • Cinemistica Film Festival (The Magnifier and The Magnet in Antropológica competition – ex aequo)