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Tramway Film Festival


USA | 2022 | 35’ | Polish premiere

With its single, extended fixed frame, Sharon Lockhart’s EVENTIDE (2022) is a filmic musing on the future and the uncertainty that accompanies it. Set along the coast of Gotland, Sweden, the force of time ever-present in Lockhart’s work is visualized here by the gradual disappearance of dusk’s light as it concedes and fades to night. Under a blanket of stars, the streaks of occasional meteors and the orbiting of satellites, a group of friends closely involved with Lockhart’s practice searches the rocky shore and its sparse outcroppings of plant life, sweeping flashlight beams at their feet in gentle pursuit of the unknown. The figures freely traverse the frame, crouch, pause, linger and inspect, receding and advancing within the landscape, their determined, measured movements containing echoes of the artist’s long-standing engagement with choreography.

Director: Sharon Lockhart
Cinematography: Simon Gulergun
Sound: Hampus Nordenson
Cast: Weronika Banach, Agnieszka Miler, Alicja Pasternak, Angelika Piekacz, Weronika Szałapska, Karolina Zembrzuska
Production: Lockhart Studio

Main festivals:

  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Viennale
  • Doclisboa International Film Festival
  • Cinéma du Réel
  • Jeonju International Film Festival