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Hungary | 1963 | 21’

The art of metallurgy, music and cinema: all three come together in this sumptuous experimental film. Freeing itself from an informative duty, the observation of production procedures is recomposed like a piece of musique concrete from of visual and auditory objects. The mute weight of the material and the virtuoso agility of the workers are linked as if by a magic band. Cinema becomes the art of synaesthesia and organic poetry: we think of certain films by Vertov, Ivens, Resnais, Mitry. A true film about work which, with great finesse, puts manual and artistic work on the same level, without a bit of ideology. (Federico Rossin)

Director: István Bácskai Lauró
Script: István Bácskai Lauró
Cinematography: János Tóth
Editing: Zoltán Kerényi, Mihály Morell
Music: Péter Eötvös
Production: Béla Balázs Studio, Hunnia Filmstudio

DCP: National Film Institute (Hungary)