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Tramway Film Festival


Germany, Brazil | 2022 | 30’ | Polish premiere

During the colonial period, a European artist travels through Brazil and reports his impressions. 200 years later, a porter stares at the images of the surveillance cameras and reflects on his job. Everything seems to be in its place. Until the images of the European artist emerge and with them the nightmares of the past. Is it just a nightmare, or is it a call?

Director: Minze Tummescheit, Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes, Arne Hector
Script: Minze Tummescheit, Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes, Arne Hector
Cinematography: Minze Tummescheit, Luciana Mazeto
Editing: Minze Tummescheit, Arne Hector
Sound: Christian Obermaier, Sarah Lehn
Cast: Ivo Alexandre Junior, Sandra Dani, Heinz Limaverde, Ivo Medeiros, Alvaro Rosa Costa
Producer: Minze Tummescheit, Arne Hector
Production: Cinéma Copains

Main festivals:

  • International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Cinéma du Réel (Short Film Award)
  • IndieLisboa International Film Festival (Best Documentary Award)
  • Encounters Film Festival
  • New York Film Festival

Nomination for The European Film Academy Awards 2022