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Tramway Film Festival


Sweden | 2022 | 30

A vacation house in a rural Swedish forest setting is observed by mysterious forces transforming into modern ghosts in city life. Shifting into forms of what we cannot yet deal with. Kaleidoscopic visuals following a constant shift between micro and macro perspective inform the form and narrative in this experimental hybrid art movie exploring film from a queer, posthumanist and new materialist perspective.

Director: Hannah Wiker Wikström
Script: Hannah Wiker Wikström
Cinematography: Hannah Wiker Wikström, Kim Ekberg
Post production: Kim Ekberg
Sound: Hannah Wiker Wikström, Kim Ekberg
Cast: Josefin Jussi Andersson, Amalia Kasakove, Ada Kästel, Fabi Paz, Ann-Charlotte Wiker, David Wiker, Hannah Wiker Wikström, Ilya Wikström, Lars Wikström, Loi
Producer: Hannah Wiker Wikström, Kim Ekberg
Production: Post Post Production

Main festivals:

  • Oberhausen International Film Festival (Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen and The International Critics’ Prize – FIPRESCI Prize)
  • Uppsala Kortfilmfestival Short Film Festival
  • Lobo Fest