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Tramway Film Festival News

The Tramway Film Festival Awards

 Having watched all the competition films, the Tramway Film Festival Jury consisting of: Klara Da Costa (Chairwoman), Ola Jankowska, Maciej Kowalczyk has decided to award the following prizes:


The Best Film

The Fruit Tree | Isabelle Tollenaere | Belgium | 2022

For openness to a multi-surface structure that conveys the fragility of definitions in a post-colonial discourse.

Special Mention (ex aequo)

Sun Dog | Dorian Jespers | Belgium, Russia | 2020

For bravery, strength and finesse with which the author expands the boundaries of film language, digging tunnels of light in the frosty landscape of Murmansk.

What Remains | Daniel Soares | Portugal | 2021

For finding a sensitive tissue in a disintegrating world and searching for strength in a human–animal relationship.


The Best Film

Asterión | Francesco Montagner | Czech Republic, Slovakia | 2022

For surgical precision and sensitivity, which cut through the layers of culture to create a complex portrayal of violence and tenderness – inseperable companions of death.

Special Mention

Against Time | Ben Russell | France | 2022

For searching for a poetic expression of time and constructing nonobvious meanings with audio-visual means.

Warsaw, November 19, 2023