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Cine Sin Fine

In Cine Sin Fine (competitive section) - we want to showcase fiction-documentary hybrids, essays, experimental and avant-garde films.

1 world premiere and 10 Polish premieres out of 12 films presented in this competition section.



For the Cinephile non-competitive section we have chosen works of Hungarian directors.

Two blocks consisting of one feature film and three short films.

I See a Darkness

Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde In Film (János Tóth)


Focus on Lithuania

Non-competitive section prepared as an original curatorial program for the first edition of Tramway Film Festival.

The selection includes very intense narrative cinema, poetic landscapes of the soul as well as experimental cinema. Young Lithuanian auteurs touch upon diverse themes: from handling the post-Soviet heritage and road films that explore the darkness of solitude in search of communications between generations; through an existential journey deep inside the soul, in which the line between the living and the dead is blurred; to the relationship between humans and the nature by means of lending ear to the cycles of nature and Greek mythology.


Open Door

In the non-competitive section Open Door, we present selected films from another film festival. In the first edition of Tramway Film Festival, the curator of the Open Door section is Manuel Polls Pelaz, festival director of Cinemística Film Festival.